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7 Reviews for Tony’s Carryouts

A Citispoon User 429 Reviews
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This place is more than a hipster dive with delicious greasy food. This spot here is filled with personality. The guys here are always upbuilding and moving. It’s like, “come for the amazing custom order gyros and phillies, stock around for the vibes”. Hey, I didn’t say it wasn’t a hipster dive either. The entrancing mural on the wall of this spot speaks to what used to be of Bronzeville; the epicenter of Chicago’s art scene, pre-Reagan . I’m sure if I did a little history dig, I’d find that this cheesesteak paradise used to be the place to go in the heyday of Bronzeville. Anyhoo, if you want real Bronzeville artist vibes with the flavor to match come here and say hi to Tony for me.

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A Citispoon User 406 Reviews
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Tis fantastic, been going for years. Tony’s always working and is always friendly

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A Citispoon User 409 Reviews
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The other review that said this place was a diamond in the rough hit the nail right on the head. The owner/guy at the register is super nice and very attentive. If you’re in the area and in a rush this is the place to get food to go.

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A Citispoon User 419 Reviews
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The owner is very kind. Food tastes great and the deals are fantastic! It is not a sit in restaurant! It’s quick fast food TO-GO so don’t expect to dine in! On the side note, the art on the wall is beautiful.

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A Citispoon User 412 Reviews
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Very good food !! The Italian beef is the best and the chocolate shake too. Tony is always working and the restaurant is never open without him.

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A Citispoon User 416 Reviews
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Mama Mia!! This place is definitely a diamond in the rough. Tony’s is located in the Bronzeville neighborhood. A classmate told me about the food, so I checked it out and I am a fan! I ordered the chicken Philly and fries! It cost $5.69 and it was delicious. Tony, the owner, remembers the customer and delivers quality customer service.

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A Citispoon User 401 Reviews
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So,My sister and I were starving so we stopped here.I ordered a pizza puff and fries because I figured that no one can go wrong with a pizza puff.The pizza puff was great and the fries would have been alright if they were fresh.My Sister had a burger and she said that it was better than her usual burger joint…We saw a big sign for 5 tacos for 5 bucks so we decided to try them.We love tacos and are always on the lookout for a great taco….eeew.I must say that these were the WORST tacos that I have ever had.Please don’t eat them.I gave this place 2 stars because the pizza puff was really good and the service was really great.

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