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The Noodle Vietnamese & Thai Cuisine

Vietnamese restaurant

4.2/5 9 Reviews Add Review

Vietnamese noodle house dishing up bowls of pho soup in a casual diner-style setting.

9 Reviews for The Noodle Vietnamese & Thai Cuisine

A Citispoon User 378 Reviews
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A very authentic Thai food with amazing spices (if you’re into that) If you are looking for pad Thai or pad see ewe, this place may not be for you. These are home made Thailand recipes where you likely can only find at a Thailand street vendor. The steak, chicken, and seafood dishes are all phenomenal. Don’t forget to try Thai iced tea

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A Citispoon User 383 Reviews
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We ordered online for pick-up on a Friday night. Unfortunately, we arrived on time to pick-up our food but it wasn’t ready for another 15 mins. However, the food was delicious. The noodle soups we had were prepared separately from their broth so everything was fresh when we were ready to order it. The proportions are a bit small so if you are extremely hungry be sure to order an appetizer and an entree per person.

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A Citispoon User 385 Reviews
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Love JJ Thai! It’s the best Thai food in the city that I’ve had so far. The place is small, so when not in COVID I’d recommend making a reservation. We’ve done pickup twice from them and have really enjoyed it! One thing that makes this place great is the prices. For the $ you get pretty good sized portions! The Tom Yum soup is tasty and generous. We also always make sure to get the chicken satay – the peanut sauce is to die for! I usually get the poached chicken with ginger-garlic rice. The rice is so addicting! I usually try to not eat it all, but I can’t help myself. I like the peanut sauce more than the sauce that the dish comes with so I sub that in. It’s filling, not fatty, fresh, and delicious. My boyfriend loves the Khao Lard Ka Praw Gai – the chicken has such complex flavors and he always adds the crispy sunny side up egg and spicy. It’s delicious! Don’t just take my word for it, definitely check it out and go support a local business! Also order through their site and get 10% off your order.

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A Citispoon User 393 Reviews
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I dream of the ginger rice, sticky rice, and shrimp tom yum soup. I don’t typically eat meat but when I do, the ginger chicken is my #1 go-to cheat meal. Charming, no-frills space with supremely friendly staff, BYOB, and truly authentic street food. Weekends there will be a line, but it’s well worth the wait. Super fast pick-up for your pandemic needs, too.

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A Citispoon User 372 Reviews
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First time in Chicago and was craving Thai food. My boo and I decided to check this place out due to it having noodles. Before wasting time, I had called them to ask if they had Thai Boat Noodles and if they were still open due to what’s going around lately. A guy answered yes. Anyways, I was not really happy with the food. I originally asked for Thai Boat Noodles but the server gave me a look as if he didn’t know what I was talking about. After repeating it some time, I tried to look at the menu again and just said a number based on what the description said. Their description is confusing because I couldn’t tell what their Thai Boat would be. Turns out it wasn’t what I wanted and I tried asking for a different bowl. However, he told me that I was going to be charged either way…. well if that’s the case then nvm. I just decided to eat my meh noodles. I was not happy at all with it. It was $15 for a bowl and they didn’t even give you a lot to satisfy you. My boo and I were still hungry so we decided to walk to the Taqueria nearby to get tacos. I really regret coming here because it took me $30 total to uber to this location and back to the airbnb. Anyways, this was just my experience and I can’t say it will be the same for any of you. But I’m just very upset cause it was also my birthday weekend and I was already having a bad day with everything getting closed.

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A Citispoon User 366 Reviews
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Try the Basil Chicken with Rice or Panaeng Curry Beef with Rice! Great Thai food at a great price. Strong robust flavor, a little simple, but good comfort food. The Basil Chicken is sweet, savory with a hint of spice. The chicken is minced and has strong basil taste, but not overpowering. Nice staff and quick service, the atmosphere is a bit dark and music a little too loud but that didn’t really bother me. Overall solid Thai food, that you should definitely give a shot!

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A Citispoon User 367 Reviews
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I met up with a friend of mine here for a quick lunch meet up and it was about halfway between the both of us. He and I are both pretty big fans of Thai street food and I figured when I suggested this place sight unseen it would suit both of us. I got there first and got a Thai Iced tea which was fine, solid but nothing to be super excited about, but it’s a Thai Iced Tea, right? If it’s fine, it’s good. My friend came in a little later than I did and it took a while to get our server’s attention, it’s kind of common with Asian restaurants to be ignored if you’re waiting but this kind of hit that upper limit on that. There were maybe 3 other tables besides us, so 8 people tops. We ordered and this point I was starving and I got the N4, expecting a boat noodle style dish. Which I got but was small, I think this place falls prey to the notion that adding the ‘street food’ appellation is a license to have small dishes and charge the same amount you would get for an actual entree. I basically had lunch 1.5 after this, the ‘0.5’ is from here; I paid 20 bucks to be hungry again and then going to Chipotle about 30 minutes afterward.

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A Citispoon User 365 Reviews
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Quaint spot for some yummy Thai food! The staff there are very friendly and you can see the cooks in the kitchen are asian so that can speak to some authenticity! The menu has the standard options of noodle dishes, rice dishes, and etc. The seating is cozy with some tables and some taller tables with stools. The music playing is some Pop Thai, which is pretty cool! Ordered the Chicken Satay app, Tom Yum Noodle Soup, the Chicken and Rice, and a Thai Iced Tea! The Chicken Satay is good for sharing and the chicken did have a lot of flavor and it was juicy! The peanut sauce that came with the chicken just added to every dip and bite! The bread that also came along was new for me, haven’t seen that before! The Tom Yum Noodle soup was just the rice amount of sour! The noodles were cooked well, the amount of seafood was good too! The Chicken and Rice was good but just slightly bland, after a few bites, the dish was played out. The sauce on the side was yummy, but it just felt like the same flavor over and over again. The chicken broth soup was a great pair with the rice! The Thai Iced Tea was refreshing, but lacked sweetness and more Thai flavor.

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A Citispoon User 368 Reviews
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Food: amazing Service: good Where has this been?! I have been on the search for good Thai food for the last year since moving to Chicago. I found some love at Three Wheels Noodle but it is definitely more of a noodle spot… ENTER JJ’s THAI! The flavors here and diversity of dishes is something to envy. Be prepared for a wait – but it’s worth it!! We started with the papaya salad that has a little kick but isn’t “thai hot” (good for me). Great portion size, enough to share between 3-4 people. We also got the fried shrimp rolls (a4) and fried wontons (a6) which were just ok. The real stars of the show for me were our mains. I had the R1 Basil Seafood and it was incredible. So much flavor and was cooked to perfection. Will absolutely order it again. My boyfriend had the R6 Basil Chicken and it was also incredible. Good amount of chicken and complimented well with rice. Also, get a Thai Iced Tea. Because, always 🙂 Will be back!

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