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Petey’s Restaurant

Fast food restaurant

3.6/5 7 Reviews Add Review

7 Reviews for Petey’s Restaurant

A Citispoon User 409 Reviews
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Not much to say about this place. It’s great for some drunk food since it’s pretty cheap prices or if you’re in a rush because the food didn’t take that long to make and it wasn’t terrible. Couldn’t say I’d go back again because the service was average and the tacos were just ok. So many better choices around that part of town tbh‍

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A Citispoon User 412 Reviews
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Food is pretty cheap and can usually get some good deals and if you’re looking for greasy sloppy food you got it. I’ve been here a couple times and not mad at it.

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A Citispoon User 429 Reviews
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Great malts I personally like chocolate banana good food and the burgers are delicious I’m giving this place 5 stars

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A Citispoon User 406 Reviews
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I went into Petey’s and ordered the fried chicken sandwich combo. I was the only person in the store or drive thru and they even confirmed my order with me twice- fried chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and mayo. I waited about 10 minutes for the food, then walked all the way back home, hungry and pumped up about my sandwich. Yet to my disappointment, I soon realized that the order was flat out wrong. Instead of my chicken sandwich they gave me a dry, bone-in pork chop on a bun with barely a smear of mustard… um, what?! I took one bite and threw it out. Now I sit here writing this, confused and still hungry. I’m giving them 2 stars because the fries were at least edible.

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A Citispoon User 401 Reviews
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Service was ok. The food not that good. I ordered gyro cheese fries and an Italian beef combo. They cut their own fries and they are not good especially since they burned half of them. Fries cost .99 and gyro fries cost 4.99 there was no where near enough meat. The Italian beef combo I ordered didn’t have the cheese I asked for. And it had sweet and hot peppers, I hate sweet peppers! One end of the bread was a little stale and the sausage taste strange not the typical Italian sausage. Overall the food tasted like it was made by children playing in a kitchen. Stick to the tacos and pizza puffs people. That was 13.81 down the drain!!!!

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A Citispoon User 416 Reviews
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Jeezus the noise decibels from the Dan Ryan expressway are deafening at Petey’s! They make up for this quality of life degradation by putting plenty of vegetables on the polish sausage. There are also plenty of sirens and 18 wheel trucks. Prepare to stand up or drive through. There are no tables. On the day I visited a guy was digging up the grassy border on Princeton Street. Big surprise there’s a Divvy bike station here, too.

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A Citispoon User 419 Reviews
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So I have a soft spot for underdog spots that have a low rating due to small sample size. Sue me. I stopped here late, attracted by the drive-thru, wanting a milkshake. Oh, discounted with a combo meal? I could check out their Polish and fries sure; sold! I wasn’t expecting much, and wasn’t even terribly hungry, but the Polish was ginormous and had the perfect amount of snap. I know charred is how we usually do it in Chicago, but this was delicious made even moreso by how unexpected it was. Fries were on the mushy side but still tasty. Ironically, the milkshake was the low point: more than a little too laffytaffy banana flavor going on there. I usually wait until I’ve tried a place more than once to review but who knows when I’ll back, so there it is.

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