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American restaurant

2.6/5 8 Reviews Add Review

Fast-food chain specializing in frozen custard & signature burgers made with Midwest beef & dairy.

8 Reviews for Culver’s

A Citispoon User 399 Reviews
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Culver’s has one of the best burgers. The meat was juicy the lettuce, tomatoes and onions were crisp. The burger was put together great. I am stopping to write this review and change my rating. 1 star…pretty tacky that the little boy behind the counter tried to make his smooth moves and use cheesy lines to pick up on my niece. Really?! So unprofessional and super scummy.

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A Citispoon User 400 Reviews
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No mushrooms! They are out of them, but is there a sign letting people know? Nope, you get to stand in line and then find out when you come up to give your order. That’s sloppy service.

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A Citispoon User 429 Reviews
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If I checked in every time I went here, I’d definitely be the duchess of Culver’s. I can’t believe I haven’t written a review yet. In all embarrassment I probably come here once per week. Here’s some pro tips 1) there’s a survey on the receipt, if you fill it out you get a free cup/come of ice cream. It takes about 2 mins to do and I usually save them and do the survey will waiting in line the next time I’m there 2) they have gluten free buns 3) you can never go wrong with the cheese curds There is parking in the back and the restaurant is always sparkling clean. After frequenting this establishment for three years they have never messed up my order or given me something under or over cooked. Thanks Culver’s!

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A Citispoon User 401 Reviews
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We got food from the drive thru last night and were not impressed. My veggie burger was stone cold & the cheese wasn’t even melted. Did they even heat it up? The tomato on our sandwiches was rotten. The worst part was my boyfriends burger was RAW on the inside. Seems like the didn’t cook anything? I don’t care how fast I get my food if it’s not cooked. Fast food burgers should not be served pink in the middle — especially not that pink. It was so gross and he was nervous about getting sick! It was a $46 meal (three sandwiches, fries, cheese curds & two ice creams). Seems like a bit much for such poorly prepared food. We won’t return.

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A Citispoon User 419 Reviews
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The people at the drive-thru don’t seem to give much care if they have your order correct. They just want you out of their faces. They speak so quickly, they are actually speaking over you while you attempt to answer their questions at lightening pace. I have no idea if my order was correct because I couldn’t understand the person reciting it back to me via speed reading. I hadn’t even answered the question, “what kind of sauce do you want?” before she moved on to the next question. I am not elderly. I do not having processing issues, hearing problems, or any other impairments that would make it more difficult to order 3 things from a drive-thru but here we are. The snarky sarcastic smile and “thanks so much have a good night *window slams shut* was the super cute too. All of this rushing seemed pretty pointless since they had 4 vehicles parked, blocking the exit, waiting for food. I got mine before them but I had to sit and wait for them to get their food since apparently we’re blocking exits now. Cool Culver’s

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A Citispoon User 412 Reviews
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Dang all I got was custard here but I was seriously impressed with how quickly they fulfilled my order. Like it may be one of the fastest times I’ve ever received an order at a restaurant for anything, it was that fast. If the food service here is anything like the ice cream this is a really, really well run Culver’s and the employees all deserve raises.

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A Citispoon User 406 Reviews
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A little pricey for a fast food place but a great addition to the neighborhood. They seem to have their act together during covid, with plenty of capacity to handle drive thru customers and a detailed but easy to follow carry out set up. From one of the signs out front I wasn’t sure initially if I could order carry out food in the actual restaurant but you can go in and order then space out as you wait for the food. Really polite staff, too. Also even though I love fries more than almost anything and I tend to order large fries at any drive thru, this is the only fast food place where a small fry is food enough. Also try the cheese curds – can’t find anything like that at other drive thrus and they’re just as good here as they are at Culver’s in Wisconsin.

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A Citispoon User 409 Reviews
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Short lady with the glasses argued with us about missing order items. After giving a free cheeseburger to a patron that wasn’t wearing a mask. Garbage

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