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Casual resource for fried & smoked chicken, catfish, wraps, classic sides & other comfort foods.

10 Reviews for Creed On LAKE

A Citispoon User 401 Reviews
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This is the BEST new addition to Lake Street and just what the neighborhood needed! Their food is fabulous and the service is excellent!

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A Citispoon User 419 Reviews
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I Know My Picture Isn’t Perfect BUT My Food WAS! This was my first time dining at this establishment any boy oh boy I Had The Chicken/Fish Combo With Greens , Dressing And Cabbage It Also Came With Peach Cobbler…My Chicken Was Flavorful, My Greens Were Greens, My Cabbage Was Cabbage & My Dressing Was EVERYTHING it was soooo flavorful & it wasn’t dry at all ! I Got It With Gravy, It Was Good Without gravy as well though. I’m glad I came here today so that that I wrote this review lol. So if you’re thinking about it GO! My Meal Was $17.63 I believe and I am full! I didn’t even get to eat any of my fish yet. It was plenty food! I am thankful for yet another GREAT Black owned business! P.s Peach Cobbler Was BOMB TOO! & They Are Worth a try

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A Citispoon User 412 Reviews
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It really upsets me that I drove almost 2 hours away ! Just to find this restaurant closed 30 mins before closing time . The business hours states on the door 11am -7pm . Tues-Saturday it’s Saturday. and the restaurant is closed at 6:30. Thanks for ruining my appetite and night .

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A Citispoon User 416 Reviews
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Good afternoon Foodzies, today is the grand opening of my friend Erwin P McKennie’s new carry out restaurant Ceed on Lake, 2806 w Lake St. (corner of Lake and California). The atmosphere was bustling with people lined up out the door. Orders being taken and filled in record time. We tried a number of items in order to get a complete taste of the menu. Each entree came with 2 side, a dessert and a drink. Great deal and nice size portions. We ordered the ribs, fried chicken and salmon; we tried the baked beans, sweet potato’s and greens. I ordered the Mac and cheese but in the hustle and bustle I received greens instead . For dessert we had both the peach cobbler and the banana pudding. The entrees: the ribs were outstanding, great rub, juicy and tender with a nice smoky flavor. The chicken had a light well seasoned crust and also very juicy. The salmon has a flavorful smoky glaze but was a little dry. The sides were delectable, the greens were sweet with a hint of bitterness great tasting could use a punch of heat for my taste. The beans were outstanding, smoky, sweet with nice portions of pulled pork. The sweet potatoes were firm and well glazed. I’ll have to try the Mac and cheese another time and let you know my opinion. Finally the desserts; both were awesome. The banana pudding was stocked with bananas and had the right amount of sweetness. The peach cobbler had nice fresh peaches with a flavorful crust. Great job Erwin. So, to wrap it up, I give Creed on Lake 4 1/2 stars. I will definitely return. As always I ask you to try it yourself and let me know what you think. Ciao Ciao for now.

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A Citispoon User 429 Reviews
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Creed on Lake does southern food right. We ordered the fried catfish and fried chicken with sides of candied yams, Mac and cheese, cabbage and collard greens. Each dish had us saying “wow.” I literally started drooling when I smelled my meal. Portions are huge and a great value for your money. Worth making the trip for an incredible meal!

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A Citispoon User 399 Reviews
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I was very pleasantly surprised with this restaurant. A lot of the ‘hole in the wall’ restaurants in this area have been disappointing to me. This is a new edition to the area, only been open a little over a month. It has a corner location with street parking but, it wasn’t too hard to find a spot. Their menu is soul food all the way and they had very reasonable prices, $12 for an entree with 2 sides. I thought the food had a very good taste and seasoned perfectly, the fish was fried a little hard for me but, the taste outweighed that. The staff was very friendly and the service was much faster than I expected. I’m in this area often for work and I will absolutely become a regular here. Locally owned.

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A Citispoon User 400 Reviews
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Food was good, service was fast and there was a line that was out the door. I went on Grand Opening Day. Dessert was good. Parking on the street but easy to find a park. Other comfort foods to choose from.

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A Citispoon User 409 Reviews
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2nd time going here and It’s a no for me from here on out. It’s called soul food for a reason and if you know then you know lol no frfr y’all your body will hate you if give this stuff more than 2 try’s

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A Citispoon User 401 Reviews
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The food was really good. My favorite is the Yams. Most of the time I get the smoked Salmon it is really tasty. The greens and yams are my go to side. I’m making this a once a week lunch stop. I love that I don’t have to cook and still can enjoy a good home cooked meal. I’ve had the wings which are a little small but still tasty. The Catfish is delicious, I love fillets and the smoked salmon has a little sweetness. I think this is a great edition to the neighborhood. Hope they have good luck.

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A Citispoon User 406 Reviews
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The Mac and cheese was decent. The collard greens were good but too salty. Love the traditionally turkey. Fried chicken was about a 7 out of a 10. Well seasoned but a little dry. The cornbread and banana pudding, however, is what drove me to write this review. It’s bad, I mean bad. The cornbread was like a dry, flavorless pancake. I cannot believe this is what was served. Shame. As another reviewer stated, the banana pudding was just weird. Very little banana. The pudding was like a gravy more than it was a pudding. Just no. I didn’t try the yams as they were out. Instead of calling me, they replaced it with another Mac and cheese. This wasn’t a bad call but I would have appreciated the heads up so I can choose which side I want in place of the yams. I already had a side of Mac and cheese. I will give this place another try as they had potential and I like to support black businesses. I will continue to be honest in my reviews though.

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