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Fast food restaurant

2.5/5 10 Reviews Add Review

Fast-food chain, known for its roast beef, serving up hot & cold sandwiches, fries & shakes.

10 Reviews for Arby’s

A Citispoon User 399 Reviews
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Ahh yet another arby’s review under my belt! The great thing about interviewing at temp agencies is that there always seems to be an Arby’s nearby. A perfect lunchtime treat that doesn’t break the bank. This location is neat and efficient. The counter seems a bit small, which could be bad during peak times. But they fixed my sandwich in no time. By the time I paid my bill my hot and tasty super sandwich was awaiting. It was hot, fresh and very roast beefy, mmm I’m thinking Arby’s. This arby’s would also make for an excellent potty stop along your travels. Although the women’s bathroom was mysteriously locked the entire time I was there. I really had to go so I opted for the men’s bathroom which was surprisingly clean, although the lighting was very dim and I think I may have peed on the seat. Sorry! I couldn’t see, it’s hard to hover as it is already, jeez!

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A Citispoon User 409 Reviews
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Ok, I just bought the 2 for $5 Fish Sandwiches at this location. I asked the young lady at for extra sauce on both sandwiches. I noticed she didnt tell the other young lady that was making the sandwiches my request…so I asked her again. When opened my sandwiches of course there is no extra sauce!! Why is it so hard to relay a simple request?

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A Citispoon User 429 Reviews
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Went there today for lunch, 2 Turkey Gyros, actually tastes like real turkey! They had a promotion before that was 2 for $6 and I didn’t realize they changed it after, I paid almost $9 for my 2 gyros. I politely asked the girl at the counter, what the deal was with that, (Not complaining) Just wondering if they changed the price. And she said they actually just changed it this weekend, and without asking me went into the cashier drawer and pulled out 2$ and some change… That was awesome, good customer service! And I didn’t even have to complain… now if only Comcast and other BIG business worked like that! Good training & good etiquette. Keep it up!

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A Citispoon User 419 Reviews
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Yeah……it’s what it was. I happen to really enjoy Arby’s, but don’t really enjoy walking up to an open window to order and being told they’re closed. Everybody here closes metal bars when they’re done. Could have been the flippant attitude that annoyed me the most. Service here, as with many Arby’s locations, for whatever reason, has always been just decent. Still have to say, if I was rating just the beef and cheddar, potato cakes and turkey sandwich, it would be a 4 star.

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A Citispoon User 412 Reviews
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Got there at 9:15, and the rude girl behind the cash register told me and my kids that they were closed. I told her that her hours say open until 10 she said ” we leave here at 10″…. Never knew a restaurants hours reflected what time the crew leaves, and not the time they stopped serving food.

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A Citispoon User 401 Reviews
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My boyfriend and I stopped by this location because we were homesick for some Arby’s, (we moved here from California and haven’t had some for a good 6 months and I used to work at an Arby’s). The food was just as we remembered, definitely worth the trip downtown. The cashier, however was exceedingly rude and apathetic. Almost as if our mere presence was the most annoying thing in the world. I get it, Arby’s is a real grind, but it’s not the customer’s fault. You don’t even have a dining room to clean. And I know for a fact that the shake machine is to be cleaned 15 minutes before closing, not a whole hour and a half before hand (we were also denied a shake). All in all, it really put a damper on our visit and we won’t be visiting this location again.

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A Citispoon User 400 Reviews
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Dear Young Woman at the Front Counter: You know what, honey. I worked in fast food all through high school and a little beyond, myself, so I understand. First I know that you are not thrilled to be at work; I can understand that, and even emphasize with you. Secondly, I realize that working there plays hell on the skin. But what I don’t want you to be doing is picking and popping your pimples while taking my order!!!!!! And then touching my fries! Honey, that’s just not cool. Thanks, Feels Bad For You Seriously folks, these were not minor pimples either. These were the big, gushingly visible whiteheads. I was just horrified there for a moment, and ended up not even wanting the food I ordered. But since this is the closest to work, and every once in a while curly fries with horsey sauce strike my fancy, I probably will be back. Call me a bitch, but next time, I’m saying something. Besides that, despite the small area in which this place is located, they do a great job with order turnout.

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A Citispoon User 401 Reviews
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I went to the Arby’s at Ogilvie before catching my train. I had the 2 for $6.00 Beef and Cheddars, along with a small curly fry. Arby’s is a good restaurant if you’d like a change up from Subway/McD/BK. I was not in a burger mood, so I went here. I also like Arby’s Chicken Fingers. They were my go to menu item back in the day… David Putty and I Love Arby’s.

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A Citispoon User 406 Reviews
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There used to be an Arby’s by my house in Anaheim, CA- I missed the food, and took a trip downtown to eat here. Very stingy with sauce on my smokehouse brisket, and the girl that took my order was apathetic and told me the shake machine had just been cleaned, although it was more than an hour and 15 til close. SAD! Won’t come again, it was extremely disappointing- if you want good Arby’s, go to Cali, or at least not this one.

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A Citispoon User 416 Reviews
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First time coming to Arby’s and I can honestly say I could’ve went with out. I tried the loaded fries, and the buffalo ranch chicken tenders and the taste wasn’t satisfying AT ALL! I wouldn’t recommend coming here for the taste of service! No thank you!

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