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Citispoon’s story began with a hangry moment– no surprise there, right? On one fateful night back in Iowa, my wife and I had a last-minute hankering to taste something new in town. And just our luck… we battled bumper to bumper just to collect one-hour waits by the handful. Too hungry and tired even for small talk, we settled for a Thai restaurant that got us in right away. 


Over that meal, Citispoon was born… as well as two pro-foodies with the intent of revolutionizing the app-to-table journey for foodies everywhere. In 2017,we moved to Chicago with the hope of revolutionizing the restaurant journey of local consumers.


What we found is that the average American couple spends 132 hours a year deciding what to eat! 69% of Americans don’t like going to the same familiar restaurant and are regularly interested in trying somewhere new with different types of food and 61% of Americans still find it difficult to discover new restaurants. Basically, they know we want new tastes, don’t know where to go and are wasting a ton of time in the process! 


But along the way we realized there was a bigger problem. Restaurants go out of business all the time. In fact in 2017, 38% nationwide closed their doors. That’s 181 restaurants per day! We help early stage restaurants remain competitive, improve customer engagement and get attention from growling stomachs everywhere. 


Citispoon: Helping restaurants remain competitive, improve customer experience and get attention from growling stomachs everywhere.

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