We help local restaurants remain competitive, improve customer experience and get attention from growling stomachs everywhere!

The Smarter way to connect with customers

We can’t decide if the best part of using Citispoon is the ability to better understand your customers or your customers understanding you . And frankly, we’re not sure the answer even matters.


We leverage extensively available geodata to generate meaningful insights before the launch and during your campaign.With your dashboard,  you can track, measure and improve your marketing campaign.


Using location based data to leverage existing GIS (Global Information Systems), we have built a platform that shows your ads to people who are highly likely to buy. We place your ads where the fish bite.


We can show you ads to people in close proximity to your location or at a competitors location. He help convert potential customers near and far.

Ads where the fish bite

Location based ads driven by data

We empower new restaurants with high quality data and actionable insights to better understand, reach and engage customers.

Through a proprietary process and algorithms, we focus on making data-driven decisions by using location data and real-word behavior patterns to understand customers.


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