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What is Citispoon?

Citispoon is a community-based app that considers all the factors it takes to make your dining decisions smooth and easy. Where users source the best places to eat in your city, all while generating real-time wait-times to save you time for more dining experiences.  

Don't go from app to app. Go with Citispoon.  

From the moment you ask “what does everyone have a taste for?” to “how are we gonna get there?”, foodies use different apps to make informed dining decisions. That’s so 2000-and-late though. Our community-based app considers all the factors to make your next dining experience smooth, tasty & time-saving. Where local users source the best local spots to wine-n-dine, plus generate wait-times in real time to get you to the table your taste buds deserve.

Avoid the wait.


Putting your neighborhood on the map for everyone

Wherever your tastes lead you, Citispoon is where users can share real wait-times and experiences that help surrounding foodies make faster, smarter decisions. And with live map integrations, it’s never been easier to share your favorite restaurants while finding all new spots to treat yourself.




Great tastes come to those who wait less.  

Foodies are using 4 different apps on average to find new dining experiences. One app for restaurant info, another to check reviews, another for RSVPs and at least one more to gather sketchy wait-times. That’s 3 too many apps if you ask us. Citispoon benefits users by bringing all that together; helping foodies like you to discover new restaurants in close proximity with reported wait-times.