What is Citispoon?

Citispoon is a community-based app that considers all the factors it takes to make your dining decision smooth and easy. Where users source the best places to eat in your city, all while generating real-time wait-times to save you time for more dining experiences.

How does it work?

Use Citispoon to search nearby restaurants in close proximity with all the decision making factors in selecting a place to eat such as, transit distance, price point, ride sharing, parking, real-time wait-times, reviews, waiting space availability, recommendations and businesses around you.

Is it free?


Can I use Citispoon in my city?

Citispoon works anywhere, but we are hyper focused on Chicago and New York. If you’re are in another city, lets chat. We can be reached at contact

How do I update my wait-time?

Once you arrive at a restaurant, you will receive a notification on your mobile device, stating that you have arrived and asks you to share your wait-time. This wait-time is the time that the front-desk host tells you upon arrival. Just tap on the notification, enter the wait-time and share your time.