About Citispoon

Citispoon is a Chicago based company with a focus on revolutionizing the restaurant journey of local consumers.

Citispoon is a community-based app that considers all the factors it takes to make your dining decision smooth and easy. Where users source the best places to eat in your city, all while generating real-time wait-times to save you time for more dining experiences. Plus, giving local restaurants measurable incentives to promote their brands and special deals directly from the app.

Citispoon is the brain child of Ola and Dapo Kolawole. We recently moved to Chicago from Davenport, Iowa. With the hope of revolutionizing the restaurant journey of local consumers.
But the Citispoon story started some time ago. My wife and I are professionals and foodies… as well as professional foodies now. But after a particular long week, we made the last-minute decision to try out some new restaurant in town. Not the best thing to do when you’re already hungry. So after finding a place that we both liked and battling through traffic, we arrived just to be told the wait was 1hr. So, we decided to find another place that had a popular wait time of 20 minutes. But Upon arrival, their wait was just over an hour. Hungry. Hungry and tired of riding around. We settled for a Thai restaurant that got us in right away. That meal is pretty much where Citispoon was born.

Contact Us

You can reach us at contact@citispoon.com