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WaitCube by Citispoon is creating the way for restaurants to set clear wait-time expectations.

We are helping them provide real-time wait-times to their customers, so that diners are not forced to settle for a restaurant that wasn't their first choice.

WaitCube™ Restaurant app. Creating the way for restaurants to:

Wait-time tool

Publish estimated wait-times on busy nights, establishing clear wait-time expectations and not forcing your guests to go to another restaurant.

Send promotions and Ads

Make direct contact by sending out deals and Ads to your guests and WaitCube community.

Unlimited call ahead party list

Get rid of the paper call ahead list and have your guests electronically add their name to your app list.


WaitCube delivers daily user analytics.

Guest App

Connect with your guests by providing real time wait-times with our WaitCube guest mobile app.

Increase Revenue

by converting guest walkaway and not forcing them to settle for a second choice restaurant.

Start using WaitCube Restaurant app today

WaitCube™ Guest App

By knowing the wait time, you can choose a comfort level of waiting, rather than showing up and being disappointed. No longer will you need to settle on a second choice restaurant.

Start using WaitCube Guest app today

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